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Cups & Trophies




Limit Show Trophies

The Queensmere Cup -  Best in Show

The Pemyn Trophy - Best in Show

The Pandora Cup - Best Dog in Show

The Moorthorpe Rose Bowl - Reserve Best in Show

The Genderlee Cup  - Best Puppy

The Princeloo Cup  - Best Puppy Bitch

The Silverwillow Cup - Best Puppy Dog

The Rewail Cup - Best Minor Puppy

The Tityang Cup  - Best Maiden Bitch

The Lymaroy Cup - Best Maiden Dog

The Sunlooville Trophy - Best Novice Bitch

The Gabaelle Cup - Best Junior

The Holdene Trophy - Best Post Graduate Bitch

The Palaquin Rose Bowl  - Best Post Graduate Dog

The Yorklee Trophy - Best Limit Bitch

The Sunnyvales - Best Limit Dog

The Wilkies Cup -  Best Open Bitch

The Clareview Trophy - Best Open Dog

The Toyglens Trophy - Best Special Beginners Bitch

The Brunlea Trophy - Best Special Beginners Dog

The Kyratown Cup - Best William Hindley Class

The Lingsoo Cup - Best Under 7lbs

The Shantoi Cup - Best Clear Red Dog

The Kamosa Cup - Best Bitch Class 22

The Pendlebury Cup -   Best Dog Class 23

The Teijon Cup  - Best Black Class 23

The Ming Toi Cup - Best White or Cream Class 22

The Parlaquin Trophy - Best Parti Class 23

The Pemyn Salver -  Best Veteran

The FBB Shield  -  Best in Show

The Plecks Points Trophy  -  Most Points over 3 shows

The Paragold Trophy  -  Best Junior Bitch

Yoshan Cup  -  Winner Childrens handling

The Micklee Trophy  -  Best Minor Puppy Bitch

The Delwin Trophy -  Best Minor Puppy Dog

Sugrin Trophy  -  Best Red Bitch

Sunlooville Trophy -  Runner up Childrens Handling

Dutchess China Doll  -  Best Cream or White

Mrs Lewis Memorial Salver - Puppy who gains the most points at the 3 shows

Championship Show Trophies

The Genderlee Trophy  -  Best in Show

The Brunlea Trophy -  BOS in Show

The Shalean Trophy  -  Best Puppy

Ivalean Pepetual Trophy  -  Minor Puppy Dog

The Kusham Trophy   -  Minor Puppy Bitch

The Sunsalve Trophy  -  Puppy Dog

The Maishan Trophy  -   Puppy Bitch

The Kofu Trophy   -  Junior Dog

The Dorodea Trophy  - Junior Bitch

The Frampton Cup -  Post Graduate Dog

The Corges Trophy -   Limit Dog

The Ch. Rocs Ruago Trophy - Open Dog

The Delwin Shield  -  Special Beginners Dog

The Weesann Cup  - Under 7lb Dog

The Lejervis Trophy  -  Post Graduate Bitch

The Lejervis Trophy   -  Limit Bitch

The Harmilla Candlesticks  -  Open Bitch

The Silverwillow Cup -  Under 7lbs Bitch

The Toydom Trophy   -  Best Particolour

The Palaquin Trophy  -  Special Beginners Bitch

The Corges Shadow Trophy -  Dog CC

The George Sims Mem. Trophy  -  Bitch CC


Open Show Trophies

 The Queensmere Cup  -  Best in Show

The FBB Shield  -  Best in Show

The Kyratown Cup  -  Best W. Hindley Taylor Stakes