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Breed Standard

UK Breed Standard

Breed Standard


General appearance: Small, well balanced, thick-set dog of dignity and quality

Characteristics: Leonine in appearance with alert and intelligent expression.

Temperament: Fearless, loyal, aloof but not timid or aggressive.

Head and skull: Head large, proportionately wider than deep. Skull broad, wide and flat between ears; not domed; wide between ears. Nose short and broad, nostrils large, open and black; muzzle wide, well wrinkled with firm under-jaw. Profile flat with nose set well between eyes. Pronounced stop. Black pigment essential on nose, lips and eye rims.

Eyes: Large, clear, round, dark and lustrous.

Ears: Heart-shaped, set level with the skull and carried close to the head, with long profuse feathering. Leathers not to come below line of muzzle.

Mouth: Level lips, must not show teeth or tongue. Firm under-jaw essential.

Neck: Very short and thick.

Forequarters: Short, thick, heavily boned forelegs; bones of forelegs slightly bowed, firm at shoulder. Soundness essential.

Body: Short, broad chest and good spring of ribs, well slung between forelegs with distinct waist, level back.

Hindquarters: Hind legs lighter than forelegs but firm and well shaped. Close behind but not cow-hocked. Soundness essential.

Feet: Large and flat, not round. Standing well up on feet, not on pasterns. Front feet slightly turned out.

Tail: Set high, carried tightly, slightly curved over back to either side. Long feathering.

Gait/movement: Slow dignified rolling gait in front. Typical movement not to be confused with a roll caused by slackness of shoulders. Close action behind. Absolute soundness essential.

Coat: Long, straight with profuse mane extending beyond shoulders forming a cape around neck; top coat coarse with thick undercoat. Profuse feathering on ears, back of legs, tail and toes.

Colour: All colours and markings are permissible and of equal merit, except albino or liver. Parti-colours evenly broken.

Size: Ideal weight not exceeding 5 kgs (11lbs) for dogs and 5.5 kgs (12lbs) for bitches. Dogs should look small but be surprisingly heavy when picked up; heavy bone and a sturdy well-built body are essentials of the breed.

Faults: Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree.

Note: Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum


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